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Issue Quick and Easy Way How to Fix Steam Error Code 118

Steam is a very popular online platform where you can easily buy and install digital versions of video games. Instead of going to the store to buy a physical copy of the game, you can just download it to your computer, which is very convenient for most people. Despite the fact that it is a stable platform, problems can arise in some cases. In this last part of our bugfix series, we will address a problem related to the Steam 118 error code.

Before performing any of the recommended troubleshooting steps below, it is best to restart your computer. This action updates the operating system and temporarily deletes damaged data that may be causing the problem.

Several factors can cause this problem, from a firewall configuration to a virus. The following steps need to be taken to solve this problem.

Let the vapour pass through the firewall of.

The first thing to do in this case is to check if Steam is blocked by your computer’s firewall. If that’s the case, you should miss it.

  • Simultaneously press the keys Windows + S and enter Firewall.
  • Select the first option and then press Allow the application or function through the firewall .
  • Click on the option Change settings .
  • Scroll through the list making sure Steam Client is selected for Public and Private
  • Click on the option Apply .

Check whether the Par 118 error code problem still exists.

Restarting the router

This problem can also occur if your internet speed suddenly slows down. A reboot of the router can update the software and increase the connection speed.

  • Unplug your router.
  • Wait a minute and reconnect the cable.
  • Wait until you have access to the Internet, then launch Steam.

Check whether the Par 118 error code problem still exists.

Disabling third-party applications

It is possible that an application installed on your computer and running is causing this problem. In order to do this, you need to disable additional services and applications.

  • Press the Windows + R keys to open the runtime prompt.
  • Enter msconfig and press Enter.
  • Click on the Services tab and uncheck Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Click the Disable All option and then click the Start tab.
  • Press the option Open Task Manager and click on the application indicated there.
  • Press the button Disable to disable automatic startup.
  • Repeat this procedure and deactivate all requests in the list.
  • Reboot your computer and only restart Steam Central.
  • See if the problem’s gone. If this is the case, you can start activating one service at a time until the problem reoccurs. This makes it easy to isolate a problem in a service or application and turn it off permanently.

Check whether the Par 118 error code problem still exists.

PC virus scanning

One of the factors that can cause this problem is a virus. You should make sure that your antivirus software has updated definitions before performing the scan. When a virus is detected, your antivirus software knows how to fight it.



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