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iFun Screen Recorder is a screen recording software for Windows. It can capture anything on the Windows 10 screen and add custom watermarks. It can help you record your game or create a tutorial. Like any software, it has its pros and cons.


  • Screen recording without delay
  • Custom watermarks
  • Multiple output formats
  • The free version has no ugly limits.


  • Fewer functions
  • Duration without discount

If you need screen recording software for Windows 10, you can read this review about iFun Screen Recorder.

We need to include the PC screen for many reasons. Usually it is used to make tutorials or record the game. For professional or amateur users, the screen recorder is an indispensable tool. However, there are many tools that allow you to record Windows 10 screens. An objective evaluation will help you choose the best device. This overview of iFun Screen Recorder will definitely help you get to know it in detail.

iFun screen recording

iFun Screen Recorder is a software from IObit. It can save the Windows 10 screen without significant performance loss. You can enjoy recordings without screen lag, even while playing a game. But like all software, it has its pros and cons. This iFun Screen Recorder will provide you with important information. That way you can know if you should use it or not.

System requirements:

You can use iFun Screen Recorder on your PC if it meets the following requirements.

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7.
Processor 1 GHz Intel or AMD
Memory 1 GB
Screen resolution 1024*768 or better

iFun view Screenshot : Features and specifications

Here are the specifications of the iFun Screen Recorder.

Name of the software iFun Screen Recorder
Publisher IObit
Verified version v1.0.2
Installer size 28 MB

The iFun Screen Recorder has the following features:

  • Screen recording without delay
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Abbreviated video
  • Scribble mouse action
  • Add a custom watermark
  • Multiple video formats

This feature is a very simple but powerful screen recording software. On a Windows 10 computer, you can perform the following operations with this recorder.

Save everything that has no delay in Windows 10

iFun Screen Recorder claims to give you the feeling of delayed screen recording in Windows 10. It can record in ultra-high quality at 50 frames per second. If you have a better processor and a better graphics card, you can make the most of enabling hardware acceleration. Otherwise, it can record the cursor and mouse action. This will help you make great video tutorials or whatever you want. If you are a gamer, this tool can also help you record your game without affecting your performance too much.

Add a custom watermark

iFun Screen Recorder Pro has a great feature. You can add your own watermark to the entries. This makes it easier for you to protect your content.

Simple video editor

iFun Screen Recorder comes with a simple video editor. This will allow you to prune your files. The video editor is very simple. However, it is wise to cut quickly.

Multiple output formats and other functions

Unlike many other screen recording programs, iFun Screen Recorder gives you the ability to choose your video output formats. You can choose from 10 output formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, GIF, etc.

You can record your voice with a microphone or audio system and a webcam, or with your computer screen. In general, it has features that allow you to take screenshots quickly.

iFun view Screenshot : User interface and experience

This screen capture software has a very simple user interface. The AI seems very neat and clean. So you can use it without any problem.

Navigation to settings and video editor is also very easy. For me, you don’t have to worry about AI. Overall, you can enjoy a smooth and polished experience.

Foodstuffs and other particulars

I have personally tested this screen recorder on my computer. I used the professional version. I have not experienced any performance issues when using iFun Screen Recorder. He was responsive in all functions. I haven’t found any problems. It is likely that other users have the same experience.

You can easily save a screen, whether it’s a whole window, a whole screen or a specific area, it doesn’t matter. You can also take pictures while recording the screen. All these things work very well and without problems.

Unlike other screen recorders, iFun does not set a limit on the length of the video in the free version. Even the free version has no ugly watermarks. In the free version, you only have a few features. The professional version offers improved performance and a number of additional benefits. The addition of custom watermarks, hardware acceleration, 60 FPS recording, a better video algorithm, etc. are exclusive to the Pro version.


iFun Screen Recorder is a free software. There is a free version. The professional version has more features. The price of the premium version is $6.49 for a month. But the annual price is much better. That’s only $21.49 a year, with a discount. But the normal price was $42.99.


Although iFun Screen Recorder has many good points, it is still expensive without a discount. At the time of the review, I could not find an option to enable keystroke logging. Also, there is no screen recording option without screen recording. The video editor is very, very simple.

iFun view Screenshot : End of sentence

iFun Screen Recorder is a newcomer on the market. Unlike other similar tools, there are no length restrictions or watermarks in the free version. So I recommend you try the free version first. If you like it, buy the premium version.

frequently asked questions

Is the recorder safe?

No. I speak from personal experience. This application installs malware on your phone. The application uses permission to draw attention to other applications, not only for screenshots, but also for pop-up ads.

Which screen recorder should I use?

‘ Blog ‘ Software for screen recording

What is the safest application for screen recording?

Screen recording applications


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