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How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

There are many types of blue screen errors in Windows 10. But this article is about how puts the CRITICAL PROCESS OF THODEN.

If a critical Windows service suddenly crashes, your PC may have a problem. In most cases it ends with a blue death screen with a stop code: THE CRITICAL PROCESS IS DEAD. But when you’ve met him, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of effective methods to solve this problem.

If critical_process_died appears, you can also see the error code 0x000000EF. But the problem is the same. The solutions are also similar.

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

What are the causes of CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED?

It’s hard to say what’s causing this problem. Because any driver, hardware, software or Windows update that causes malfunctions can cause this problem. When an important system process suddenly stops, your system usually doesn’t function properly anymore. This process was necessary to keep Windows active. As a result, Windows indicates on the blue screen that the critical process is dead and automatically restarts.

These processes can fail for several reasons. But there are always ways to solve this problem.

How can the CRITICAL PROCESS created in Windowsbe solved?

Fortunately, you can apply a number of common solutions to this BSOD. And everything’s gonna be okay. Here they are…

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

1. Starts the control command of the system file

Many people find the troubleshooting option important for repairing the criticaldead-blue screen process. As the problem may occur due to damage to the system component, the execution of the SFC command may sometimes work. The main purpose of this task is to check and repair if any part of the Windows system is damaged or suddenly changed. However, to learn how to execute this command, follow the steps below.

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

  • First, open the Start menu, type cmd, right-click on the command prompt and select Run as Administrator.
  • Now enter the following command and press the Enter key.


  • He will now start to check for damaged parts and repair them automatically. This may take some time. So be patient.
  • But if he finds the problem and can’t solve it, you’ll see. In this case, you must take additional measures. Next method for details.

I hope this will help you correct the critical process of the fatal error.

2. Execution of DISM instruction

If the SFC team cannot solve your problem, it means that your system components are severely damaged and need to be repaired. DISM teams can help in this case. This will also help to solve the problem of the BSODs you have encountered. However, to execute this command, you must follow these steps.

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

  • First open a command line as administrator, as with method 1.
  • Now enter the following command and press the Enter key.

DISM / Online / Image cleaning / Health restoration

  • The process should take some time.

You can also read this article: How can I repair damaged system parts?

3. Tests for equipment problems

If the hardware connected to your computer has unexpected problems, it can also cause this deadly blue screen. It is sometimes difficult to identify problematic devices. But you can do the following.

  • Unplug all external devices (except the keyboard and mouse) to see what happens.
  • Also go to Windows 10 Settings > Update and Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Now use the available troubleshooting tools to identify and resolve any hardware problems.

The critical process must therefore be corrected with the Dead Stop code.

4. Update driver

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

It is possible that one of the drivers for your PC is not compatible or is defective. The result is that you will experience a critical process. It could be any driver. For example, if you encounter this BSOD during a game, it may be the driver for your graphics card. It would therefore be wise to update all drivers. She can solve any problem.

For driver updates you can use Driver Booster, Driver Easy or any other tool you like. You can update all drivers with a single mouse click. In addition, these tools are a cable for regular and automatic conductor checks and updates.

However, if you want to do this manually, follow these steps.

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

  • First open the Start menu, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. The Windows Device Manager opens. There you will find a list of drivers.
  • Now right click on any driver and select Update Driver.
  • Then follow your preferred method and execute it according to the instructions on the screen.
  • Then restart the computer.

This can solve the critical process of dying by ODBs.

If you don’t know how to do it, read it: How can I update the drivers on Windows 10?

5. Disable quick start

In recent days, some users who come across this BSOD have used this method. Surprisingly, disabling QuickStart has corrected the critical process in Windows 10. So I suggest you try. It could work for you, too.

If you are not familiar with the procedure, follow these steps.

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

  • First open the Start menu, enter powercfg.cpl and press Enter. This opens the flow control.
  • Now click onSelect what the on/off switch does withon the left.

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

  • Then clickChange settings that are currently not available from.
  • Then uncheck the Enable Quick Start checkbox (recommended).
  • Finally, save the settings and restart the windows.

It can solve the problem of blue death in Windows 10.

6. Scanning withAntivirus and antivirus software

The problem you have encountered may be due to a virus problem on your computer. So, if the first three methods do not provide a solution, you can run a virus scan on your PC. In this case, you can use a good antivirus program or antivirus software. This can also be useful in many other cases.

7. Deletion of last update

Normally Windows 10 updates come with a lot of fixes and improvements. But it can also sometimes cause problems on your computer. Maybe you stumbled upon a critical process that died from a bad update. You may have noticed that you had a problem immediately after installing the update. In this case, I suggest that you delete the problem update to correct the error. If you don’t know how to delete an update, follow these steps.

  • First open the Windows 10 settings by pressing the Win + I keyboard.
  • Then go to Updates and Security > View Update History.
  • Now click on Remove Updates.
  • At this point you will see the names of the installed updates and the data. Just delete the last one and restart the computer.

After that you shouldn’t have to face that blue screen of fatal mistakes.

8. Boot cleaning

Any third party software or services installed on your computer can create this BSOD. So, to correct the death of a critical process, you have to use this method. A clean upload can disable all third party services and let you enjoy a clean environment. In essence, it stops the automatic operation of all services at startup. Therefore, if programs running at startup cause this problem, a clean restart will identify it. Later you can uninstall/update/change this program. Read it anyway: How to make a clean download

9. Driving Troubleshooting

Sometimes a small or large error on your hard drive can cause an unexpected error on the blue screen of Windows 10. They must therefore take steps to solve this problem. It will also restore the critical process of death.

However, you can use the chkdsk command to correct large disk errors. Follow these steps to do so.

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

  • First open a command line on behalf of the administrator.
  • Now enter the following command.

Chkdsk C: /f /r /x

  • You can replace C: by the letter of the drive you want to repair. However, after the execution of this assignment, he will ask for your permission. Just press Y and press Enter.
  • Now restart your computer.

At boot, damaged hard drive sectors are checked and repaired. However, to learn more about repairing disks, read how to troubleshoot hard disk drive problems.

10. Disable oversynchronization

A significant number of actors may already have been confronted with this BSOD. Some users believe that excessive synchronization can lead to a deadly critical process. Because they only encountered it after activating the overclocking of the UEFI/BIOS. To get rid of them, I suggest you do the same.

11. BIOS Update

How to Fix the DIED CRITICAL PROCESS on Windows 10

That doesn’t happen very often. If the BIOS/UEFI firmware on your motherboard is seriously outdated, this can lead to performance problems with your PC. Sometimes a critical process can result in a recurring blue screen of death. In this case it is necessary to update the firmware to solve this problem. For the procedure, read : How do you update the BIOS/UEFI?

12. System repair

Are you still worried about this problem? Restoring the system can help. If you don’t know how to do it, read it: How to perform a system restoration

13. Reset analysis of file

If the BSOD is still stored, you need to dig deeper. Identifying the real cause of the stop code can help you solve the problem. So, to solve the critical process that’s dead, small memory dump files can help. The discharge file contains detailed information about the blue screen of death. It also shows the problematic driver or service caused by the DSTB. Then read this article: How to scan a memory reset file

14. Clean installation (option)

In fact, these methods are sufficient to remedy a critical process. But if you can’t find a method here or elsewhere that can help you, you should consider installing clean windows 10. This is essentially the last option. So think carefully before choosing this option.

However, these methods can help you repair a critical process that died in Windows 10. If you know of other effective options, please let us know in the comment field.



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