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How to Fix or Solve Gboard has Stopped Working Error

How to Fix or Solve Gboard has Stopped Working Error

The Play Store or App Store for iOS has many keyboard or print applications, one of the best is Google’s Gboard, which has all the features that make typing free. Gboard includes many functions directly related to Google, such as Google search, maps, translation, etc., which are accessible from the keyboard itself for your convenience. Many users have complained about an error while using Gboard – Gboard has stopped working Error while using Gboard on their iOS or Android smartphone.

Troubleshooting is quite simple and there are several solutions to this error. Follow each step in turn to see which one works best for you.

How to Fix or Solve Gboard has Stopped Working Error

Method 1 – Restart device:

In most cases, the simplest methods will work, i.e. rebooting or rebooting the device, and during the process of rebooting the device, the application will update itself and can correct any small errors that caused the error.

To restart the device – Press and hold the power button on your smartphone -> the restart or restart and stop options will appear. Touch Restart or Restart and the unit restarts, and you can check whether or not the error is displayed again.

Method 2 – Application of the force-stop card:

Terminating an application under duress and restarting it can sometimes correct an error. It is best to try before uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Follow the steps below to force the stop request.

  • Go to Parameters
  • Now browse the list and press Applications orApplications.
  • Open tableof the application list .
  • Here you have to press key Forced stop and confirm with OK.
  • Now go back to the main screen and try to use the keyboard, the error can be corrected after restarting the application.

Method 3 – Set the table as main or current keypad:

Sometimes changes to the keyboard selection are enabled, as are other keyboards, such as keyboard shortcuts or native keyboards. You need to change your settings by following the steps below to change your keyboard.

  • Go to Parameters
  • Now click in the settings on the option Language and enter.
  • Press Current keypad
  • Select the option Gboard in the pop-up window.
  •  Now press Keypad selection.
  • Switch off all other keyboards here and just select Gboard.

Method 4 – Delete Updates:

In some cases, if a new update is unstable, it will cause an error window, resulting in compatibility problems. In this case, if an error occurs with the new update, remove the update from the Gboard application and return to the previous version of the application.

  • Go to Parameters
  • Now click on Applications orApplications
  • Select application Gboard app
  • Now touch the symbol Three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  •  Now select Remove Update .

Method 5 – Empty space:

Use this method to delete all previously stored data that caused this error.

  • Go to Settings
  • Now click on Applications orApplications
  • Select application Gboard app
  • Now touch the Memory option.
  • Press Delete the cache

Do not press the Delete key as this will erase all words stored in the phone memory, which is useful for automatic writing.

These are the most commonly used solutions that have proved useful in correcting this error. This is a simple error that can easily be corrected without major changes.



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