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How to Fix LAN Issue Not Working on Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was first released in 2011 and is still very popular. With more than 176 million copies sold, it is the only bestseller of all time. It is estimated that there are about 112 million active players per month. You can play the game in single-player or multiplayer mode via the Internet or a local network. It is easy to play on a local network, but sometimes problems can arise. In this last part of our troubleshooting series, we’ll show you how to solve LAN problems that don’t work with Minecraft.

How to troubleshoot problems in a LAN that does not work on Minecraft

Before performing any of the recommended troubleshooting steps below, it is best to restart your computer. This will update your Windows 10 operating system and fix the most common problems caused by a software error.

Various factors can cause this particular problem, ranging from the fact that a game is blocked by the firewall to problems with the network configuration. The steps to be taken to address this problem are listed below.

To start an online game on Minecraft for Windows

  • Open boat
  • Press release
  • Create a new world or change the current world by clicking on the pencil icon
  • Switch to multiplayer mode and make sure that the Visible for LAN players option is enabled.
  • Start the world by choosing Create or Play.

To start a LAN game on Minecraft Java Edition

  • Select the main computer.
  • Start the game and press the single-player button to create a new world or open an existing world.
  • In this world, press the Esc key and then the Open key on the local network.
  • Select the game mode to be set for other players: Minecraft’s standard mode is the Survival mode with glasses and hunger, the Creative mode allows you to fly and place endless blocks, and the Adventure mode is similar to Survival mode, but players cannot place or destroy blocks. You can also choose to enable or disable cheat codes.

Make sure all players are connected to the samenetwork.

The first thing to do is make sure all computers are connected to the same network.  Even if you are connected to the same wireless router, it can have a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network. Make sure all devices are operating on the same frequency.

Check if the LAN is still working with the Minecraft problem.

Make sure the Minecraftfirewall does not block.

It is possible that the Windows firewall prevents the operation of Minecraft’s online components.

  • Press the Windows + R key to open the startup dialog box. Then type control of control.exe and press Enter to open the control panel.
  • In the Control Panel, use the search function to find the Windows Defender Firewall If you have seen it, click Allow the application through the Windows Firewall.
  • In the Allowed Applications window, click Change Settings and start browsing the list. You must ensure that the checkboxes associated with one (or more) records are ticked: javaw.exe, Java(TM) Platform SE binary, Minecraft
  • Save your changes and restart Minecraft.

Check if the LAN is still working with the Minecraft problem.

Enabling network discovery

  • Press the Windows + R key to open the startup dialog box. Then type control of control.exe and press the Enter key to open the classic Control Panel window.
  • Tap Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the Network and Sharing Center window, click Edit Advanced Sharing Settings.
  • Expand the Private tab and make sure that the network detection function is enabled and the corresponding checkbox is checked. Then expand the General tab and activate Network Discovery under Network Discovery.
  • Once the network discovery is enabled, try the Minecraft session again / join the session.

Check if the LAN is still working with the Minecraft problem.

Try using a direct connection

A direct connection is a reliable way to establish a LAN connection. TRy will use it and see if it solves the problem.

  • Start Minecraft and open a new world (Singleplayer > *YourWorld* > Play Selected World). If the world is busy, go to Settings and press Open to LAN.  Then specify the server settings and click Start LAN World.
  • When a game on the local network is open, a text is displayed at the bottom left of the screen (local game hosted on port XXXXX). Copy the port number on a piece of paper.
  • Press the Windows + R key to open the startup dialog box.
  • Type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open a high-level command line.
  • On the extended command line, type ipconfig and press Enter. It displays the IP address of the host computer.
  • Take the information you previously received (IP address + port number) and go to the computer trying to participate in the LAN section.
  • Go to Multiplayer > Direct connection. Then enter the IP address and port number in the Server address field.
  • Click on the Join Server button to join a session on the local network.

Check if the LAN is still working with the Minecraft problem.

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