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How to Fix Kernel Mode BSOD Heap Corruption on Windows 10

How to Fix Kernel Mode BSOD Heap Corruption on Windows 10

Windows 10 users may encounter many types of BSOD errors. But this cluster of corruption in mode of kernel is not very common. However, this article contains some information about this and instructions to correct this error on the blue screen.

Most stop code errors are related to a driver problem. So, to solve the corruption in kernel mode, you may need to find out if it is a driver-related problem or not. But you can say in advance that this problem is due to a problem with the GPU drivers. I have seen many NVIDIA, AMD, or even Intel HD graphics card users talking about this topic. But other factors can also be the cause.

This error may appear on the blue screen when you open a graphically demanding software or game. It may also appear before Windows is fully booted up. Fortunately, there is a solution.

How to repair the damage in kernel mode in Windows 10

You can free yourself from this blue screen of death by following amazing working methods. Each of these methods will work in different situations. It is therefore possible that each of them solves the KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION problem on your computer.

1. Driver updates, including graphics cards

When you ask users who have experienced this problem to explain the cause, most will tell you about the driver of the video card. Some others will call other unstable drivers or software names. This proves that the problem may be due to a problem with the GPU drivers. So I suggest you update all the drivers on your computer, especially the graphics card.

You can use Driver Booster or Driver Easy to update the drivers. These tools are very useful. You can update all drivers with a single click or automatically with them. This solves a lot of core-mode corruption or similar problems. However, if you do not want to use third-party software to update the drivers, follow these steps.

  • First press the Win + R keys on the keypad to open the RUN.
  • Then type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. The Windows Device Manager opens.

How to Fix Kernel Mode BSOD Heap Corruption on Windows 10

  • You will now see a list of drivers on your computer. Right-click on one of these options and select an update driver.
  • Then follow your preferred update method.

For more information, see Read : How to update the drivers

That should solve your problem.

2. Backup Graphics Card Driver

You must be one of the people who regularly update Windows and drivers. This helps prevent an unexpected problem from occurring on your computer. But sometimes things can go wrong. You can suffer a lot of damage in kernel mode immediately after updating the driver of your graphics card. In this case you need to reset the driver to the previous version. There are two ways to do it. If you have used a booster or a single driver, you already have the opportunity to return home comfortably. You can also manually fix a lot ofcorruption in kernel mode .

How to Fix Kernel Mode BSOD Heap Corruption on Windows 10

  • First open the Windows Device Manager as described in method 1.
  • Now right click on the driver of the graphics card and go to its properties.
  • Then go to the Driver tab.
  • You now get a rewind knob. Just press it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Then restart the computer. This should solve any problems that may arise during the GPU driver update.

3. Implementation of SFC and DISM instructions

Sometimes corrupted system files can cause the blue screen on Windows 10 to die. Therefore, in order to diagnose damage to the kernel mode, it may be necessary to take steps to correct these errors in your system components. The SFC and DISM commands can help you in this case. If you don’t know how to execute these commands, follow this article: How can I restore corrupted system files?

4. Identifying damaged conductors

If none of the above methods work, identify the damaged driver. It’s not that hard. Earlier I published an article on how to find out which driver causes an error on the blue screen on your PC. You can simply analyze the memory dump file. For more information, please read : How to scan a reset file

Once the faulty driver is detected, you can update/scroll or reinstall it to correct the damage to the kernel mode.

5. Memory problem test

The memory problem is another reason for the shutdown error. In order to solve this problem, measures must be taken to correct memory problems. If you don’t know how to detect and solve your PC’s RAM problems, read How to solve memory problems.

6. Other methods

These are in fact the most convenient methods to correct errors, such as damage to the kernel mode. But if all this doesn’t help, you can use a driver checker, check your hard drive for problems or perform a system restore. Also uninstall any recently installed programs or Windows updates. This can help you eliminate this error on the blue screen.

These are the most effective methods to solve this problem. However, if you know the best method to solve problems, you can add them in the comment field.



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