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How to Fix Internal Server Error Issue

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game released by Mojang in 2011 and purchased by Microsoft in 2014. It is currently the best-selling video game of all time, with more than 180 million copies sold from 2019. Although it is a stable game, there are cases where there may be some problems that we will solve today. In this last article of the series we investigate a bug in the internal Minecraft server.

How to repair an internal server bug in Minecraft

Before performing any of the recommended troubleshooting steps below, it is best to restart your computer. This action updates the operating system and temporarily deletes damaged data that may be causing the problem.

Various factors can cause this particular problem, from an older version of the game to a corrupted installation file. The following measures are recommended to solve this problem.

Delete user profile

The first thing to do in this case is to try to delete the member’s profile. Only temporary data will be deleted and recreated.

  • Go to to get the UUID.
  • Log in to the server, browse to the server files and go to the world.
  • Select Player and delete the username and UUID that received the error message.
  • Reboot the local computer and try to reconnect to the server.

Check if there is still an internal server error in Minecraft.

Try disabling Mods

Minecraft is a game in which you can define mods. This improves gameplay and makes it even more fun. Sometimes, although these mods may cause problems, it may be necessary to disable all installed mods to determine if they are guilty.

  • An open launch vehicle.
  • Click on the Profile Editor tab and find the profile you want to delete.
  • Right-click on the profile and click Delete Profile.
  • Click on Delete Profile to confirm
  • Closing the Minecraft Launch Vehicle
  • Press the Windows key and the R key.
  • Type %appdata% and click OK.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder and then to the .versions folder.
  • Find the version of the modem folder you want to delete and delete it.

Check if there is still an internal server error in Minecraft.

RemoveMinecraft, then reinstall.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, try uninstalling Minecraft from your computer and then reinstalling it.

  • Press Windows + R and in the appwiz.cpl dialog box, type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.
  • Once you’re in the application manager, locate Minecraft, right-click on it, and select Delete.
  • Go to
  • Download and install the game.

Check if there is still an internal server error in Minecraft.

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