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How to Fix Five Common USB Flash Drive Problems

For the first few days of computer calculations, you will need a floppy disk to transfer data or computer files. These drives can hold just over 1 MB of data, which is perfect for storing spreadsheets or document files.

Today, about 100 GB of data can be transferred easily with USB sticks. These are small USB sticks that are inserted into a computer’s USB port, making it easy to store files. If you have a computer, you’ll probably have some with you.

Using a USB stick is quite easy, as you just need to connect it to your computer. Once it is detected, you can use a file explorer program to copy the data to the drive. Sometimes, although there may be some problems that prevent the USB stick from working. That’s exactly what we’re going to do today by solving 5 common USB stick problems you may encounter.

The USBflash drive is not recognized by thecomputer.

When you connect a USB stick to your computer, it is usually recognized and marked with a letter. However, sometimes when you connect the USB stick, nothing happens and all you get is an error message that the USB device is not recognized. If this happens, you should try the following troubleshooting steps.

  • First, restart the computer. This problem can only be caused by a Windows error, and a reboot usually solves the problem.
  • Try connecting the USB stick to another USB port on your computer.
  • Check the USB stick on another computer. If it can be read, the problem may be caused by a computer crash, probably a problem with the USB port, or a driver problem. Make sure you have the updated drivers installed on your computer.
  • If the USB stick is not recognized by your computer, you may need to format it to recognize it.  It can be formatted using the disk management tool, which can be opened by pressing the Windows +R key. Enter diskmgmt.msc. When the DOM is detected, you can try right-clicking the DOM by clicking the Format button. Please note that all data stored on this disc will be erased.

USB stick with wrong capacity

You try inserting a 64 GB USB stick into your computer and suddenly only 2 GB, 4 GB or 16 GB are detected. What happened to the other potentials? This is due to poor partitioning of the USB stick, which can easily be corrected with the DISKPART tool.

  • Open a command line window. Make sure it is started in the administrator’s name.
  • Make sure the USB stick is properly connected to your computer.
  • Enter the partition of the drive on the command line. Wait until the DISKPART> prompt appears.
  • Enter the ESSENTIAL LIST. This will show you all the disks connected to your computer.
  • Touch Select DISK X, where x is the number assigned to the USB memory device.
  • Enter DISC DETAIL. Player information is listed here so you can check if you have selected the correct player.
  • Enter the number. This deletes all partitions on the selected drive.
  • Enter the CREATE LOGICAL PARTITION command.
  • Type CITA
  • Format the USB stick so that you can use it again.

Write protection for USB flash driveserror

Sometimes it is not possible to write data to the USB flash drive due to a write-protection error. If you are faced with this problem, the first steps you need to take are the following

  • Check your USB stick for viruses using antivirus software with updated definitions.
  • Make sure the USB stick is not full.

If the DOM goes through these two steps, follow these steps for troubleshooting.

  • Open the command line
  • Written press DISKPART
  • Enter the SETTINGS LIST and press .
  • SELECT VOLUME X, where X is the volume number of the USB stick.
  • you will see a message indicating that write protection has been removed.
  • Print Press EXIT < enter>

USB stickFormat not possible

If you cannot format the USB stick, it is usually because it is write-protected. Follow the troubleshooting steps described above to remove the DOM write protection. You can then start formatting.
If you need further help with your USB stick or other computer parts and components, please do not hesitate to contact us using this form. We are happy to help you solve your problems.



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