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How to Fix ERR CERT SYMANTEC LEGACY to Google Chrome

How to Fix ERR CERT SYMANTEC LEGACY to Google Chrome

How to Fix ERR CERT SYMANTEC LEGACY to Google Chrome

Chrome may have SSL certificate related errors when browsing certain pages. You now know how to correct error ERR_CERT_SYMANTEC_LEGACY.

There may be several reasons for this. But you may be surprised that Chrome and Firefox no longer officially support the old Symantec SSL. If this is the case, you may have very little chance of addressing this issue. When this problem occurs in your Chrome browser, you can see the following messages.

Your connection is not private
Attackers may attempt to steal your information from [web addresses] (e.g. passwords, messages, or credit cards). Additional information
Warnings may be issued when updating website security. It should get better soon.

But you have ways to solve this problem.

How to Fix ERR CERT SYMANTEC LEGACY to Google Chrome

Correction of ERR_CERT_SYMANTEC_LEGACY in chrome.

Before continuing with current solutions, make sure that the time and date settings on your PC or mobile phone are correct. Because sometimes the cause of these kinds of problems can be the wrong date and time. By the way, to correct this connection error, use the following methods.

1. Try the guest mode

In some cases, chrome extensions from third parties may cause connection security errors. Therefore, check in guest mode whether you can visit this problematic website. If you can, turn off all extensions and see what happens. You can light them one by one. That way you can easily find out who is causing the problem. You can then deactivate this extension. By the way, here are the next steps.

  • To activate Guest Mode, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner and select Open Guest Window.
  • To disable extensions, typechrome://extensions/ into the address bar and press Enter. This will take you to the expansion window.
  • From here you can turn everything on or off by pressing the button.

I hope this will help you solve the mistake you inherited from cert symantec.

2. Disabling the anti-virus and firewall

Sometimes a firewall or a third party antivirus program can cause this problem. So you can try to temporarily disable these security programs. You can also configure certain settings in this antivirus or firewall program. It can attach ERR_CERT_SYMANTEC_LEGACY in chrome.

3. Contact with the webmaster

First try using Google Chrome to access the problem page from other devices and from the network. If the error is still displayed, it may be a problem with the SSL certificate installed on this site. In this case you can click on the Advanced button and go to the website. Then locate the contact page and inform the owner of the site that you and other chrome users will encounter NET::ERR_CERT_SYMANTEC_LEGACY. He has to fix it.

A webmaster can replace his certificate with a new one, and that solves the problem.

4. Try other browsers

Since Chrome 66 and above no longer supports older Symantec certificates, you can visit the site with other browsers. In this case, Microsoft Edge may be an option. However, you should never engage in e-commerce or other sensitive transactions on this site because it is vulnerable.

These are options to fix ERR_CERT_SYMANTEC_LEGACY in Google Chrome. If you have anything to add, please let me know in the comment field.



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