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How to end long load times in Rainbow Six Sitting (load faster)

How to end long load times in Rainbow Six Sitting (load faster)

Are you always the last one loaded into the Rainbow Six Siege? Is the starting round usually when you experience these long periods of stress? If that’s the case, then the reason you’re so stressed about Rainbow Six’s victories is your energy.

The problem seems to lie in the way Ubisoft has implemented or optimized the game files. Rainbow Six Siege contains many large files, so trying to load ultra, high and even medium textures takes much longer than in other games. And with the release of new charts and operators, the Rainbow Six files are getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, the problem of long-term exposure during the Rowbow Six Siege investment will only get worse if it is not resolved.

I also had the problem that the seat of the Rainbow 6 took too long to load. The problem was that my hard drive just wasn’t fast enough to load the textures in time.

Best solution

How to end long load times in Rainbow Six Sitting (load faster)

With my hard disk I usually need an uncomfortable waiting time to start my operator. Other players would have ridiculed me with remarks like the potato computer, because we waited a few minutes. However, the problem was not that my computer was a potato, but that due to the large files in this game, my hard drive was a potato.

The question arises as to how the loading time of the Rainbow Six Siege can be accelerated. I solved this problem by purchasing the Samsung EVO SSD above and installing the Rainbow Six Victories on it. Rainbow Six Siege is now immediately downloaded every time you start a round! This also applies to all other games, applications and operating systems you install on this DSS. SSD prices have fallen so much that you can get an SSD of 500GB for about $85 or 250GB for even less.

Other means of speeding up the loading of rainbows Six rainbows:

1. Hard disk fragmentation (floppy disk):

From a hard drive, files are fragmented or dispersed over time in different locations on the drive by deleting and adding files. As defragmentation progresses, it becomes much more difficult for your computer to retrieve data from your hard drive, which increases the boot time.  Disk fragmentation means that each fragmented file is merged together in a single place on the disk, significantly speeding up startup by deleting the data faster.

How to defragment a hard disk (floppy disk):

2. Clean up your computer and delete large files you don’t need:

Cleaning your computer and deleting unnecessary files (especially large files on your hard drive) can greatly improve your computer’s performance. This will result in better game performance and faster downloads. We recommend using the WinDirStat cleaning tool. You can also see how big the backrests of the Rainbow Six are.

Clean your PC with WinDirStat:

3. Disconnect background applications you do not need:

Unnecessary applications and services running in the background use PC resources. This can result in reduced performance and increased download times in games such as Rainbow Six Siege.

Disabling unnecessary background applications:

The higher your texture settings, the longer it takes to download games, depending on the speed of your hard drive or SSD. I strongly advise those who play medium and extreme settings in games like Rainbow 6 Siege, PUBG, Fortnite, GTA 5, The Witcher 3, etc. to switch to SSD. On an SSD, the time it takes to load games, the operating system and applications is virtually unlimited. Installing a hard drive not only enhances the gaming experience, but also makes it easier. So if you’re tired of long start-up times, I strongly advise you to buy an SSD.



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