Excel is by far one of the most comprehensive and versatile spreadsheet management programs. It has everything you want for your songs and more.

In this article, we will see how to add prefixes and suffixes to cell data in Excel.

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We can use two functions to add a prefix to some or all cells in a given column.

  • Use of the & operator.
  • Use the CONTEXT function.

Use and operation

The basic formula for adding a prefix with the & operator is as follows

=” “&

As you might guess, this is preceded by a prefix, followed by the operator and the cell number of the first cell or range of cells.

In the following example, we add +91 to the number line. Therefore, the team.

=+91 &C5

Insert this formula in an appropriate place in the cell. We’re calling the D5. Once you have entered the formula, you will see the value with the suffix. Now, while holding down the mouse button, drag from the bottom of the cell to the right to the last cell you want to add the prefix to, and Excel adds the prefix value to all cells.

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Using the CONTENT function

The CONTEXTCENT function allows you to add prefixes to the cell data. The basic syntax is as follows.


Using the same example as above, the command in this case would be

=CHAIN(+91 .C5)

Insert the formula as before in D5 and you are done.

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Adding suffixes in Excel is as easy as adding prefixes. Again, there are two ways to do this.

  • Use of the & operator.
  • Use the CONTEXT function.

Use and operation

The basic formula for adding suffixes is as follows.


As you can see, this is essentially the reverse of what we did when we added prefixes with the & operator.

For the same example, the suffix formula would now look like this.


Paste this formula into a cell in a convenient location and drag it to add suffixes to any number of cells.

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Using the CONTENT function

The basic formula is as follows.


Again, this is almost the opposite of what we did when we added the prefix with the CONTENT function.

The formula for adding the suffix in our case is as follows.


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