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How do I fix an HP Stream notebook computer that doesn’t turn on?

In this post we have discussed the HP Stream laptop that does not work. If you are one of the people in the same situation who have landed on this site and are looking for help, this message is for you. Read the following to learn what is preventing your HP computer from turning on and correcting applicable solutions, including the workarounds described below.

Problems with the computer power supply are usually due to damaged equipment. Often, the problem can be caused by a damaged power cord, a damaged power supply or faulty mainboard parts. In other cases, the error is in the software. In this case, the computer is on, but it can’t start. Something is preventing the boat system from performing its normal routine.

Common criminals are bad applications or programs that cause malfunctions, malicious programs or computer viruses and, at worst, a damaged operating system.

Possible power solutions for HP Streamnotebooks

Since your HP Stream laptop is not turned on because of certain software-related attributes, you can still take risks while working on the solution. Other people have been able to solve this problem without paying extra costs, so you can try it. So here are your options.

First method: Press the power button long enough to detect the life signs

A lot of people could find the cure with this trick, so you should try it.  To do this, press the power button for a few seconds and check for power signs such as LED lights, flashing cursor or error messages on the display, and a fan or beep tone. These are possible signs that your computer is turned on, but cannot start properly.

Second method: Unplug all peripherals from the wall outlet.

Sometimes external devices/accessories connected to the computer may cause a boot conflict. To make sure this is not a problem, remove or disconnect all peripherals, including USB sticks, from your computer. Unplug the power cord and then press and hold the Power button for about 15 seconds. Connect the AC adapter to your computer, but do not connect any peripherals. Now try turning on the computer. When you see the Start menu, use the Windows arrow keys to normally start and then press Enter to confirm.

If your computer can successfully boot from this attempt, reconnect all devices and run Windows Update and HP Support Assistant update to update all drivers on your computer.

Third method: Connect it to the power supply and then try to turn it on while it is connected.

To eliminate the possibility of a problem due to a defective or dead battery, try connecting the speaker to a power source or wall outlet, then press the switch. If you see LED lights on anywhere on the keyboard, it means that your computer is receiving power. More often than not, it is simply locked by certain system faults or stuck on a black screen. If this happens on your side, please refer to the following decision.

Last possibility: Restore the factory settings of the HP Stream Notebook.

As a last resort you can try to reset your computer. Of course, this is only possible if your computer is powered.

A factory restart allows you to reformat the entire hard drive of the computer, reinstall the original operating system (OS) and reinstall the original drivers and software. The desired recovery partition (usually D:) and all other required partitions are recreated during the reset process. In addition, a factory reset restores all computer software to the state in which it was purchased. This means that any changes you make and content you add will be removed while you work.

ContactTechnical Support for further assistance.

For additional support and other options, contact HP support. A more advanced solution is likely to be needed if the problem you are facing is a complex system error that can only be solved with a special tool or advanced recovery software. Otherwise, contact Microsoft for help in resolving power or boot problems caused by a malfunctioning Windows operating system. HP support professionals do not necessarily have the same tools as Microsoft.

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